Test transmissions started on TRT 1 to 31 January 1968. A full national television program that links to that time, the areas in and around Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and started in December 1971.TRT renewed his membership in the European Broadcasting Union (founding member was previously offering only radio) from 26 August 1972, with initial vision of Turkey € Network event, a football game (vs. Turkey, Italy), airing throughout Europe on 13 January 1973. TRT also joined the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union in 1976, the same year their first color TV was introduced on test laboratory at the General Assembly of the Organization of Islamic Conference.


New TRT Fm frequency on Hotbird  APID:2316 Türkçe SID:495 (12015.00MHz, pol.H SR:27500 FEC:3/4 ).

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