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TGRT News Frequency on Eutelsat

TGRT News Ihlas Holding Peace Radio Tv Inc company, an on-site news channel. TGRT channel within the same company, News Corporation (FOX), despite the sale of the company, TGRT News, TGRT marketing and TGRT FM currently broadcasts Ihlas Holding.
TGRT News Ihlas Holding subsidiary Ihlas News Agency, a strong partnership was broadcast.


TGRT Haber (DigiTurk, 11637 H) FTA now Eutelsat 7A @ 7° East

Now TGRT News frequency changed on Eutelsat satellite.


Please change your eutelsat frequency on TGRT news.

OSN Olympics 3D Frequency on Eutelsat

OSN is home to 100 channels of great entertainment value, offering viewers in the MENA region exclusive access to the latest blockbuster movies, top rated series, sports, documentaries, news, children’s entertainment, live talk shows filled. The film offers more than 100 film premieres a month uncut and without interruption, so the audience films, as they were supposed to be monitored.
OSN provides the most comprehensive portfolio of exclusive rights from all major studios such as Warner Brothers, Paramount, Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM, Universal and DreamWorks, and provides access to the world’s leading TV brands such as Disney Channel, Sky News, Discovery Network and National Geo.
As a leader in innovation, the OSN-TV altered visual experience in the region and brings viewers quality entertainment to 28 high definition channels and is currently the only network a full HD bouquet of channels as well as 3D entertainment offers in the region.

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Fox Sports Middle East Frequeny

Fox Sports International is an international sports programming and production entity housed within Fox International Channels Group, one of the major operating units within Fox Entertainment Group and News Corporation. FSI operates the programming services Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Sports Middle East, as well as sports-syndication of content worldwide.


The red hot Detroit Tigers, winners of eight of their last ten games and five in a row, head to Cleveland to play the Indians in a critical American League Central match up. Tune in LIVE Wednesday 0200 KSA/0300 UAE and again at 1000 KSA/1100 UAE.


Fox Sports Middle East (12245 H) on Eutelsat 9A @ 9° East.


New Fox Sports Middle East frequency is Eutelsat 9A @ 9° East.

Ibn Sina TV on Eutelsat

In Ibn Sina 980 is located in what is now Özbekistanında Afsana near Bukhara, was born. His father, Abdullah, a distinguished scientist from Samani kingdom Belh’ten important city. Received a good education in Bukhara. Her extraordinary memory and intelligence was very helpful in this regard. At age 14 he began to move teachers. 16-year-old turned to medicine and develop new therapies has to find out about the information on this topic. 19-year-old won the title of doctor and began treatment, patients without charge.


Ibn Sina TV new channel frequency (10930 H) on Eutelsat 7 West A @ 7° West .

On Eutelsat Ibn Sina Tv frequency is  (10930 H) on Eutelsat 7 West A @ 7° West 

Discovery HD Showcase Frequency on EutelSat

Discovery HD is the international designation of the High-Definition TV channels from Discovery Communications.
The international Discovery HD (now Discovery HD World in the Asia-Pacific markets) [1] first in Korea in February 2005, launched as a programming block. In December 2005, Discovery HD and Discovery HD Japan, Canada (now renamed World Discovery HD) and 24-hour channels start to the 100th and 101 Discovery Networks in total

Discovery HD Showcase (Tricolor TV, 11919 L) on Eutelsat 36B @ 36° East. 


Discovery HD Showcase frequency change. New discovery hd frequency is no  Eutelsat 36B @ 36° East. 

Eutelsat on discovery hd channel frequency changing.